Thursday, January 15, 2009


I wish I was a photographer
A skilled one who can adjust
Aperture and light settings
To enable time to frost over-
So I can capture that lull
In between sunset
And total darkness.

Night molds into the sunset.

Hazy gray and navy over a dusky crimson
Almost like red street lights.
Transposed against the dark night-
About to billow over the city.

No color of paint can describe the moment.

Subtle and quiet.

To the extent in which you aren't so sure
If it's just a reflection of
Something else in your window.

But it isn't.

Because why else will you yearn
To photograph it.

What else
Other than the marvel of nature's palette
Could fill one with so much reassurance
That the darkness of night is about to settle?

I wished I was a photographer.

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