Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life Updates After Being Away For So LONG!

Hey I haven't uploaded anything or posted for quite a long time. I had my Paediatrics FINAL and PAPER which went really well (Yeeey!) and I was so consumed in life that I totally dropped off the face of the earth.

My parents came to visit for one week and I DEFINITELY didnt want to blog during then. I wanted to spend all my time with them, and only them. It was so painful having to tear myself away from them to go to class...

I swear, when they left, I was shattered. Inconsolable. My roomies saw me catatonic on the couch and just said "uh-oh..."

I guess I've been busy as well. News other than Paeds is that I'm learning how to "WALK THE RUNWAY" with a bunch of other girls and guys in my college to raise money for a charity Fashion Show/ Chocolate Ball. The theme is HIGH FASHION. Think Couture. Fabulous? YES.

Here are some more of my fav shots of my friends as well;

There is one boy who is always in all the shots...I think it's because not enough boys came out to volunteer their time for this..which is unfortunate, because they will get to wear some AWESOME STUFF!!

When my mother saw some of these shots, I think she was expecting a "smarter look". She kept on telling me to be more 知的。 Yah, maybe my photo pictures are just stupid-looking. Sorry mom. I tried.

FYI, these are all med students..who would've thought!!

In other news, LAST NIGHT I went to a Herbie Hancock concert. So Herbie Hancock. You can google the man, but Miles Davis=God of Trumpet/Horn in Jazz? Herbie Hancock=god of keyboard/jazz piano.

Do the math. I was in euphoria. I didn't know what to do. I thought I was going to just erupt into happiness and dancing and Oh my god...I cant even describe to you how life felt.

So now my next rotation is GP. I'll be in Kilkenny which is supposed to be the prettiest place in Ireland. So expect lots of landscape photos!!


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