Thursday, November 20, 2008


I've been in Kilkenny for the past week....Keeping the story short and simple, I had a breakdown at the B&B because the place was SHIET.

So I'm commuting every morning to Kilkenny. It takes about 2 hours each morning, but I think about the Kyoto-jin who used to commute to CA every morning (and the Himeji chick *wink wink* Alisa!), and myself; (who didnt commute as much as the ppl mentioned above..but still had a commute...) it makes me think "wow, well, I guess I can start commuting again! Its only three weeks!"

The clinical practice manager thinks I'm crazy but hey, I'm enjoying it!!

But the GP surgery is fabulous, and the teaching is great. My day consists of drawing bloods, doing BPs, Urine Dipstick, giving vaccinations. Its very hands-on and the Dr. Lee is awesome!

My GP is super *Kawaii!* Today i saw him bicycling down the streets of Kilkenny out to lunch it was SO CUTE!

In other news, I have a three day weekend! Wahoo!


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nysecellos said...

sniff snifff. the place is soooo beautiful!!! it just makes one feel so peaceful. i'm jealous! take care! :]