Saturday, December 6, 2008

So here are a few picts from the runway show...when the real picts and videos go up, I will link up to them!

We all did four walks each
1) Power-dressing
2) Country Wear/Equestrian
3) Day-Wear
4) Little Black Dress
For the amount we practiced, wow the show went by so quickly! It was like each walk was SUPER SUPER fast all of a sudden!

But it was so much fun...It felt almost automatic.

And the after-party was fun too! We all didn't have time to get rid of the run-way model make up, and kept the hair and makeup on...which was pretty cool because that was my first time EVER with this kind of makeup and it was intense!

Harry and I made "SEPTEMBER" in the choc-ball produced RCSI calendar. I'll be bringing some home later for everyone to enjoy if they want :)

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