Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Birthday To My Friend...

Don't know if you can see all the cupcakes or not....but it was my friend Tricia's 24th birthday about 1.5 weeks ago; I gave her a box of crayons and we went for coffee that particular Sunday with the promise of "a birthday gift full of color and variety" in due time.

So on Friday night after we got home from class, I went on auto-pilot; buying ingredients for a VEGAN chocolate cupcake (dairy free, egg free, cuz my friend is allergic to dairy). The recipe I adapted from an online source.

**I'll look it up and post for you later okay Xian?** (By the way, how were the PSLEs? I thought of you all day thursday you know!)

So this was my idea: "Decorate cupcakes with the IMAGE of Tricia...Inspired by HER!!"

I called a few of her friends and they decorated with sprinkles, cherries, coconuts, cocktail umbrellas, and all that fun stuff, while I pulled out cupcake after cupcake from the oven.

Tricia was the one who introduced me to Magnolia Bakery....and after awhile my curiosity got the best of me and I started my obsession with foodie-blogs and cupcake-decorating blogs...and I thought perhaps this event was quite fitting for her birthday.

She was surprised! Yey!

I'll post up pictures of the individual cupcakes later, right now I'm working on a small project for Tricia so she can remember the event for awhile.


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