Sunday, September 28, 2008

In Full Swing....

Okay so right now I'm SUPER overwhelmed with my workload.

Its to the point where I don't know where to start with paeds...I went to the lib and borrowed my staple "idiot proof" books; "Paeds in a page" "Paeds at a glance" "Illustrated clinical signs in paeds" and small books like that which make things idiot proof so I can dive into it later.

I wish I spent more time fiddling around with my little cousins and trying to listen to their hearts more when I was in Singapore. TOO LATE NOW!

Last night my poor house-mates were stressing out about the upcoming Card-Signing. I felt so bad for them they sounded like they were in tears or something... :(

It's pretty reminiscent of how I was my first few weeks of first med. Shittin' bricks and shaking in my pants at the thought of all the stuff I was about to learn.

Which makes me really believe: The human mind, body, soul has an INCREDIBLE ability to adapt and evolve.

I wanted to post a pict of my room so my grandma in Japan could take a look at it, but I can find my camera USB cable from my storage boxes yet, so that will have to wait. When it does happen, damn sure Ill be posting pictures of my life more often!



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oh my gosh jie jie rie!!!! i simply love the greenery! eeek, singapore don;'t have such beautiful sceneries..... oh wells. take care! :]