Monday, July 2, 2007

Walnuts, Pastry Sheets, and a TOASTER :)

My rice cooker endeavours have been cut short since I started a new job/wonderful opportunity at an old people's home and one of the well-known hospitals in my area. Rice-cooker baking takes a long time, and now my day has been more of the wake-up-and-bust-out-of-the-house scheduling.



Ah well, I know I should work on the "waking up early to eat breakfast" deal, but its not working...

Anyway, Japanese courtesy called for a few snacks for my mom's Quarter-Tennis team last Thursday, and she needed: "16-"somethings" to bring to the group!" Being the youngest in the group, and always getting little snacks from her "elders," it was about time my mom brought something.

I scrounged around the freezer and the cupboards only to find some honey, muesli, butter, walnuts and pastry sheets.


Crushed the walnuts, added the honey, added some muesli and made a sticky pasty kinda concoction. Nutty, sweet, and didn't look amazing....

Unrolling the pastry sheets in the freezer, i arranged them into little teaspoon fulls and placed another pastry sheet over the formation.

Made sure to put little air-holes in the top so the whole things doesnt EXPLODE!!

Sealed the two pastry sheets just using the tip of a fork :)

Ten minutes in the toaster!!!

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